To the sister I never knew

Author: Anonymous

When I learned about you, it was heartbreaking. I thought, “I could have had a sister”. I could have had a sister to play with, share clothes with, do each others hair and makeup, fight over boyfriends with. I could have had a sister. What fun to have the family tickle fight.
Guess what I finally learned? I did have a sister.
I named you Jessica Amber. I did have a sister and she was taken away. killed. not given a chance to live. I miss the could have been’s, because we could have done so much together with our parents and our brother. I guess now we would have lots more cousins to hang with.
Since you were here, I had a sister that I could have loved so much.
Miss you. Maybe you are in heaven taking care of my baby girls who didn’t make it.
Maybe I’ll get to meet you one day.