A Sketch

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Rosemarie June
Birth Date: unknown
Abortion Date: 04/13/2007

I run my fingers over the frayed edges of a page filled with words unsatisfying in justifying the mutilating of life.
What power do these hands have? Playing coy but painted red.
Grace can only abound as far as the evil acknowledged runs deep.
Blood cleansed with blood of a suffering Savior.
Grief carried on an innocent, strong back.
Hands, what power are they given? What choices will I make with them?
Bitterness and joy swirling in my heart, sitting and resting in the hands that made me.
Grace undeserving.
I’m sorry, baby.
Mommy killed the only baby she might ever have had.
My heart can hardly accept the honey that seeps over the evil places in me.
Grace gives me a heartbeat.
Grief will always make it skip a beat.
I’m sorry, baby. Mommy was mean.