Sobering day with the holy spirit on the 18th year of aborted child’s life

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: N/A
Birth Date: April 1991
Abortion Date: 9/12/1990

I had been a Christian for several years, but did not understand what it would be like to have a visitation from the holy spirit many years after an abortion.

I was all alone at home. And I lit a candle and sat down and began to have a conversation with who would have been my child in his or her eighteenth year of life.

I wept and repented for the abortion and wondered if that child that I aborted would have been a young man or young woman.

I wrote my thoughts and submitted to a magazine company in Frisco, TX.

I celebrated that child’s life.

The main thing that I questioned in my article was AM I GOING TO HELL FOR THE ABORTION?

After my visitation with the holy spirit, I calmed down and received peace.

I know today that God is real and gives us his time, attention and the opportunity to repent because He wishes that none perish.

I am so grateful that I will have Eternal Life in heaven when I die.