Author: Barbara

Son, i hope you have forgiven me for not allowing you to live. i was young, naive and made a very poor decision, i was full of fear when i found out i was pregnant, totally frozen with fear….not one day has gone by that i don’t regret my decision. i always think about you and wonder what you look like, what your personality is like, if you love me? abortion is murder, thankfullly i’ve been forgiven by my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ….. the hardest part was forgiving myself… abortion is insidious, wreaks havoc in your spiritual being….. it is inate in us that it is wrong. and it took me years to stop punishing myself for not letting you live. abortion is very selfish, i don’t care what ANYONE says, it is…. i have finally forgiven myself, even so, i never forget… that is the price we pay for abortion. i have never stopped loving you or forgotten about you, i can’t wait till i can be united with you in Jesus, i know one day i will see you. i only pray that you love me, you are loved and i do want you, the one thing that comforts me is that you are with Jesus in Heaven……how i wish i could hold you in my arms, i do hold you in my heart, so i will see you when we are united in heaven, i can’t wait….i love you more than anything ….