Sorrowful mommy for her 3 Angels 👼👼👼

Author: Anonymous

I’m so sorry my 3 sweet Angels for not having the courage to fight for you. I was a very weak and naive / stupid teenager and young Adult. I didn’t allow you sweet ones to fulfill your lives, to be all you were supposed to be, to have your own families. I have no children at this time, because I didn’t feel worthy to bring another child into the world. I’m so sorry…… I’m so looking forward into meeting you in Heaven. No day goes by that I don’t regret the choice that I was manipulated into taking. Sometimes I can’t forgive myself, but I know that my Savior Jesus Christ, has forgiven me. So I should to forgive myself. I just want my sweet little 3 Angels to know that I cry for you every day that goes by. I wish I Was outspoken and had the knowledge and wisdom then, that I now have… please forgive me. ❤️❤️❤️