Sorry is an Understatement My First Love

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: DP❤️
Birth Date: 1/18
Abortion Date: 5/31/17

You’ve been heavy on my mind. My first baby, my first love. Your heart beats right next to mine so I know you are always apart of me. It breaks me knowing the regretful decision I made. Sorry is an understatement. I love you please forgive me. I need you more than ever right now. All of these accomplishments could have never been achieved if it wasn’t for this motivation. Even though you are in heaven, I always know I have someone to do right by and make proud. My Guardian angel baby. I can’t wait til the day we meet again. Hopefully God will send you back to me in my more adult years. I love you more than you know. The little time we spent together, the long nights, the nights I spent crying in pain and thinking I was alone I had you the whole time and I wish I could’ve realized it sooner. Regardless of age or circumstances I know you would have been (and you still are) the biggest blessing in my life. With you, my sunshine, my light in this dark evil world (and God) I couldve gotten through anything. If it was just us against the world then so be it. I wish I could go back . You would’ve been 1. Oh how time has passed. I miss you so much and I’ve never even met you in person. That’s how great of a person I KNOW you are. You are so lucky and blessed to be with the most high. I know up there you are getting all the love and happiness but it’s nothing like a mother’s love which is something I wasn’t giving you. I’m sorry for everything. I wish I had a better phrase to use. I pray for Gods forgiveness of this mistake everyday. It’s something I will deal with the rest of my life. My greatest regret, pain, decision, ache, and more. I still can’t believe I don’t have you with me. I love you. Please visit your mommy anytime in my dreams. I would love it.