Stolen Angel

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Gabriel
Abortion Date: August 2000

My grandparents raised me. They took care of me financially well enough, but I was emotionally starved. As a young girl who didn’t know her father and was abandoned by her mother, I felt rejected and alone. I desperately sought for love and attention and found it in all the wrong places. The dangerous road I was on led me to being raped when I was fifteen. This resulted in a pregnancy and I knew I was going to be in trouble. I never thought my grandmother would so quickly come to the “solution” she did, but I later found out, she had done this before.
I cannot remember much after that day of telling them that I was pregnant. I remember driving to a clinic somewhere in Dallas. I remember naively waiting in a room with other girls, so clueless as to what was taking place there. I remember my mom being relieved that I wasn’t “too” far along. I remember the ultrasound. I remember waking up in a gown and crying uncontrollably in the hallway. I remember the drive home, as I stared out the window in a zombie like state. My life would be forever changed because someone chose to end the life growing inside of me. In memory of my Gabriel, I love you and you will forever live in my heart.