To my sweet baby that I never knew

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: 1977-78
Abortion Date: 1977

For 40 years I have carried a heavy heart and regret with every breath my decision to end your precious life. I was afraid, I was selfish, I have been in turmoil my entire life. I have dreamed of you, my sweet angel, that you were a girl, and I know you would have been a beautiful and sweet child. How my heart hurts to think that I did the inconceiveable. I have asked forgiveness from Jesus, and I ask forgiveness from you. I did not want you to suffer in this world as I had no certainty in my miserable life. I made terribly wrong choices that I am still paying for today. I am writing this to help other mothers who are unsure if they should follow my terrible footsteps, and I pray that they keep their precious babies so that they may have the joy and love of watching them grow. May God watch over you my sweet child until we meet one day in heaven.