Sweet Jennifer

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Jennifer Joyce
Birth Date: Oct 1971
Abortion Date: March 1971

Dear sweet Jennifer, I’m sorry baby girl I made the decision to abort you. I thought it was what everyone wanted. I thought it was what I wanted. I was 15 just approaching my 16th birthday. I was so young, so naive and so immature; how could they even allow me to make such a decision? How could school and status be more important than life? How could my mother not show me the way? Perhaps that was the day I questioned her love for me… I’ll be 65 soon and all I know is you were mine and I choose to let you die. I’m thankful for the reassurance that you were welcomed immediately into the arms of Jesus. Ten years later I had your brother Christopher. I love him dearly. He came at the perfect time. Life was comfortable and stable. But losing you left a deep wound that’s still healing. Jenny, I’m sorry I never gave us a chance to be over-comers together. You are forever in my heart. Praise God, for his mercy never fails. Amen