My Sweet Little Angels

Author: Zina
Baby Name: none
Birth Date: unknown
Abortion Date: 1980 & 1981

To my sweet little Angels, mommy miss you both so much, I still think about you both often, I know you are both Angels in heaven just waiting to one day see your mommy. I got pregnant at the age 17 in 1980 and again at the age 18 in 1981. I had no one to tell me that abortion wrong, in fact it was my mother who suggested that I have the abortions. I got pregnant again at the age of 20 she asked me if I was going to have another abortion, I thank God I said no that time I was going to have this baby. I have since forgiving my mother, but first I had to repent to God for the decisions I made and then I had to forgive myself. I now have two beautiful girls well young ladies now, being a mother is the best feeling in the world, I wish to God I knew then what I know now, I would tell any young lady that my find themselves in the same situation I once found myself in please don’t, you may think once the procedure is over, it’s all over you never have to think about it again I’m here to let you know that’s not the case. It has been 34 and 33 years ago and I have never forgotten I even remember the sound of the machine, so you never forget. PLEASE CHOOSE LIFE!!!