My sweet Medianna

Author: Amanda
Baby Name: Medianna Mae
Birth Date: 10/2004
Abortion Date: 5/2004

I’m so sorry I let your father talk me into getting rid of you!!!! I can’t remember to much from when I was young, but I remember that day very vividly. He wanted me to have a baby, he kept telling me so. And I wanted to keep him in my life so bad I started missing my pill on purpose. I was 18. Then when I found out I was pregnant I told my mom and dad. At first they were upset but neither of them believed in abortion. So they quickly got over it and started to get happy about you. Then when I finally told the dad, he didn’t want you!!!! And all because I didn’t want to lose him I let him talk right into murdering you! He kept saying how I was in college and did I want to give all that and him up! He said if I kept you that he would stroke me a check for 18 years of child support if I never contacted him again! I’m so sorry I did that to you sweet baby girl! I was 4 1/2 months along!!!!! When we went all I could do was cry cry cry and cry. The doctor almost didn’t do it, I wish he would have told me to go home and think about it! He did say that I didn’t need to do it just because some man was telling me to! I know now that that was Angel sent from God and I STILL didn’t listen!!!!! I AM SO SORRY. I LOVE YOU MEDIANNA MAE MUNGUIA!