My sweet soccer star

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Tino
Birth Date: July 2017
Abortion Date: February 2017

My baby I’m so sorry. I tried so hard to stay detached from you. Your daddy was so happy especially when we learned you were a boy. But I always wanted the abortion. After so many fights and money issues I realized I couldn’t do it. I can’t bring a child in the world and we can barely support ourselves. I’m sorry Tino. I’m sorry baby. I’m sorry my love. Your father hates me for killing you. His whole family hates me they were so excited for you. I was excited too I just couldn’t bring you in knowing the struggle. Even though his family would help they wouldn’t be the ones raising you. God I’m so sorry. My heart hurts. I hurt. I tried to repress it. But your father and his family have opened it back up. I honestly feel like dying. I should die for this. I feel like I’ve committed a sin greater than all other. I have to live but I want to die. I have to live because you can’t. And you can’t live because of me. Please understand mommy and daddy love you very much. Mommy and daddy just couldn’t support you. Tino Im sorry. You’ll come back in your next life and become the soccer star you were showing me you would be. I love you.