The child who could have been

Author: My First Name
Birth Date: June 1992
Abortion Date: October 1991

I grieve for the grandchild I could have had. My daughter ran away and came home 3 months later. She was very sick. I had to leave to go to a conference, but told her before I left – somehow I knew she was pregnant – there would be no abortion. While I was away, my husband took her to a military ER, where the doctor told my husband she was pregnant and had to have an abortion, that her life was in danger. He took her to an abortion clinic. I did not find out for 6 weeks what had been done. I regret that I was not there to pray and ask God for His guidance about what to do. This has also been a huge thing for my husband to deal with. He has never gotten over it. Abortion hurts everyone.