The day after

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Payton
Birth Date: November 30 2015
Abortion Date: May 8 2015

I’m 16, and my choice for abortion felt right at first, but now I can’t stop regretting the choice to give you up. I woke up today, feeling awful like a murdered. I was selfish and collapsed under the pressure of friends telling me abortion was the right thing to do. I wish I had never listened to them, I was also scared to tell my parents. What if I would’ve told them? Would I have kept you. Your name would have been Payton, girl or boy. I hope one day I meet you, and you come to forgive me for what I had done. I hope one day to have many children 5+ and treat them right and honour them, I will tell them they had a sibling named Payton who did not make it. I hope God has forgiven me for my sins, as Jesus christ did hang on the cross for us. I love you payton and I’m sorry you did not make it into the world. I’ll always wonder wheather U would’ve been my little girl or boy, I always thought you’d be a girl. I will honour you on your birthday and everyone that comes after the firsts. You will forever been in my heart. I love you Payton.