The pain never goes away….

Author: My First Name

over 40 years have gone by and you are still the greatest regret in my life. Three diffferent times, I carried a child of God in my womb, but I was blind to that fact that you were in deed a living bosy with a soul and spirit. I was told that unless a baby can breath on their own they are not a real person. What a lie from the pit of hell. I am so sorry that I was blind to that, that I choose to hide my embarrasment instead of putting God first and you ahead of my selfish needs at that time. I was young, nieve and lost myself. If I would have know you were a real person..alive in me….I can never forget or forgive myself, but I take it to the cross and ask for Jesus to cover my sins. Do not let satan lie to you, that is a life, a precious life. Part of me died each time. I will rejoice to meet you in heaven my dear ones and beg your forgiveness.