The silent grief

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Zack
Birth Date: 24/11/2002
Abortion Date: 17/06/2002

If you had been allowed to live you would be 15 years old now. You continue to grow in my heart, my head, my memories and in your forever home, Heaven.
Even after all these years, the pain comes in waves, some days/weeks/months I am fine and then suddenly the grief will hit me, and the pain is as raw as the day I lost you and those early dark days that followed afterwards.
You continue to make me proud, one day I promise you that I will tell the world about you, my beautiful baby boy, I will continue to look for you (where your little body was taken), I will be your warrior.
Only you know how much I love and miss you, only you know the guilt and grief that I feel.
I wish I could forgive, but my heart won’t allow me too.

I love you so much, my beautiful child. In my heart you will stay until we are reunited xxx