Think of you every day for the last 21 years

Author: Anonymous
Abortion Date: August 1992

My precious baby,
It’s been over 21 years. I think of you all the time and regret my decision everyday. I hurt and long to meet you, but find comfort in the forgiveness of Jesus who watches over you and will put you in my arms one day. Every year, I wonder if you are a boy or a girl and what you would be like. Your father and I were young teenagers and I was encouraged in to ending your life. It broke your father and I apart.. God gave me another chance years later and you have a brother and sister who one day will know about you. I love you so much and I can’t wait to hold you and kiss you. There is no excuse for what i did and all i can ask for is forgiveness. For now, Jesus has his loving arms around you. I love you my precious baby.