To Angel

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Angel
Birth Date: 12/2009
Abortion Date: 04/2009

Angel is the name I gave you because I didn’t know if you were a girl or boy and because I know you are an angel and that God is holding you safely. I am so so so sorry, my sweet Angel. It has been 10 years this year without you and I think about you still, everyday. I think about what you would have looked like, what your favorite color would be, snuggling you and tucking you in every night. You would be in 5th grade this year. I am so sorry for what I did and I love you so much. I was young and I wasn’t strong enough to stand up for what I wanted, which was you. I’m sorry I wasn’t stronger. It is something I will live with for the rest of my life. I will never, ever forget you. I know I need to be able to live life without you but it’s so hard. There is a place in my heart where you are, Angel. I know you are with Grandpa among the angels in Heaven. I hope by God’s mercy and grace I will get to hold you one day. You are forever loved, forever missed.