To baby Isaiah

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Isaiah

Hey baby, it’s Mummy again. I have written about you in a long time but that doesn’t mean that you’re not on my mind every moment of everyday or that I love you any less. Things have been so hard for Mummy since I lost you and I really let it get to me. Since losing you, I lost myself because you were and still are such a huge part of me. You’d be 1 month old tomorrow and wow has time flown by!! I’m so glad me and you got to be with each other for 10 weeks even though it wasn’t nowhere near as long as mummy really wanted. You know my love for you runs so deep. You’re the only one who heard my heart from the inside so you know it was filled with nothing but love for you my little peanut. You’re so important to me and everything I’m doing now is because of you. I hope you don’t hate me baby and I hope you know that losing you was the last thing I ever wanted. It just felt right in the moment, but now I know it was the biggest mistake. I just want you to look down and be proud of me and the woman I have the potential to become and when I do get there. It’s all because of you and the strength you have given me to carry on. No amount of words can express how much I wish you were here physically with me, but you’ll forever be my first and my love. ❤️