To Brandon Brian

Author: Patrea
Baby Name: Brandon Brian
Birth Date: May 1977
Abortion Date: December 1976

I’m so sorry. I was not taught to keep my body to myself, and as a result of my having sex, not only outside of marriage, but as a result of lust with my stepbrother, I became pregnant with you. I had no support for life, and there were no cps at that time in history yet, 1976. My father, your father and my mother all decided it would be best for ME, not thinking of you, if I had you killed. So my father threw me on an airplane back to HAWAII. My mother had made all of the arrangements ahead of time, at a hospital, and I was put on the maternity ward too.

My procedure was a kine they don’t do anymore, prostaglandin, where your mom goes into the most physically painful labor that can ever be induced and the child dies because they are too young to survive. The so called doctor, thru an amnio needle put that in me. I only felt you kick once and it was so unfair. Then they started me on pitocin for labor, the pain was off the chart. I was offered a pain shot but when the nurse brought it, and I had asked for it, I changed my mind and told her that if you had to die, I was not going to be made to feel better. I had to give you back to GOD, when I didnt want to. I have always loved you and I can’t wait to see you in heaven, you can meet your 2 big sisters, Janis and Jamie, I had so much cervical damage from having you killed that I had to deliver them by c-section. But for my giving you back to GOD, he sent me the man that was made from all of the love I’ve given all 3 of my children and all of the tears I have cried over all 3 of you, his name is Edward, and when he gets to heaven, we can all be together forever. And by the way, the doctors name that killed you? Edward.