to my baby..

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: August 2021
Abortion Date: December 2020

I love you, don’t you ever think mommy didn’t or doesn’t love you.. I thought of you today and how it’s been almost a week since you’ve been out of mommy’s tummy. It hurts to think that I was the reason you’re gone now. it’s my deepest regret.. even though i’m just 17 I felt more than ready and reassured when I felt you and heard your heartbeat. no one around me thought it was good thought baby, but that’s not your fault okay? trust me I would’ve given you the world if only I had it all. all you need is mommy’s love baby. but I wasn’t brave enough to ignore what everyone was saying, I didn’t feel like I would be a good mother.. and this proves it. You are my angel baby and no one can take you away from me no matter how tiny you were baby. you still matter to me. i’m sorry I took you, i’m sorry it had to be me. do you forgive me? I feel like i’m not allowed to grief because there are other mothers out there that lost their baby to a miscarriage and here someone took your life baby. i’m sorry. I love you, forever