To my biggest God’s Gift that I could’t accept…

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: 3.05.2024
Abortion Date: 3.10.2023

God blessed me with the most beautiful gift , YOU. He created everything in his diving, sacred timing, i was shocked and scared. Suffered deep tocophobia and fear that You’ll be too much for me to handle. There are no excuses. You died… and i feel like i died together with You. There’s no single day without thinking how could it be, how You’ll look like. No day without thinking how i could react better. Stay stronger , more faithful. Trust in God, his plan, trust in myself and in You. I wish i can turn back time. Now I’m suffering, each day feels harder to get by. I’m missing You with my whole Heart and Soul. I know that You are happy in heaven , with Your spiritual Father… but i’m afraid that maybe we’ll never meet there…because of what i did…i separated us not only in this realm but also in this yet to come… I’m praying every day that one day we can meet again. I deeply praying for You and hope God will give me second chance to have the possibility to love and care for Your siblings, and that You allow me to have them. They will never replace You. You’ll be always someone most special in my heart. I love You. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.