To my brother or sister

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Gebriel
Birth Date: Unknown
Abortion Date: Unknown

I saw you once in a vision. You were happy, with me and your brother Giovanni. I couldn’t explain who you were but I knew you. I asked my dad, (I don’t think he is your biological dad, but oh how he would have loved you), if he and our mom ever lost a baby, because I had a feeling you were my sibling. He said no and ended the conversation. I found out years later, while writing a paper for a college class last semester about our brother’s surgeries as a baby, that our mom had a previous birth (me) and a prior abortion. As I read those words, “one prior abortion” I felt like I had already known what it said. My heart was so heavy, it fell to the bottom of my stomach and I cried and cried. I sobbed as I was so surprised and happy to know I had another sibling but at that same exact moment, I had to mourn your death, your brutal, intentional death. I was heartbroken. How could our mother do that to you. Why not me or our brother. You are just as worthy of life as we are. You could have been my best friend or you could have been my role model. Now I think about you everyday. I have dedicated my life to working with Let Them Live, an organization that helps women to be able to choose life, so that I can help save other brothers and sisters from having to live lives here on earth not knowing their siblings. I light candles for you. I pray for you. I remember and love you. I hope you hear my prayers so that you know you are no longer forgotten, and that you are so loved. I cry wishing I knew sooner. You were not thought about for so long and that breaks my heart, I am so sorry. You should not have had to go through that. You will forever be in my heart and prayers from now on. Your brother and I decided to name you Gebriel so that you too would start with a G just like both of us, and to name you after an angel. We do not know if you are a boy or girl so we called you Gebriel instead of Gabriel or Gabrielle. I love you Gebriel and I look forward to meeting you in heaven one day. With all my love, your sister Gianna