To my child

Author: Alexandria
Baby Name: Alexandria Kennedy
Birth Date: January 14th 2018
Abortion Date: June 2nd 2017

To my sweet Alexandria, I know you are beautiful inside and out and I love you so much it stings for the quick decision I made. See you have 3 older brothers who I can barely take care of on my own. I still get help from my parents to raise them. I am going to college full time and I work. I just met your father in March, you were conceived in April. We barely knew eachother. I was selfish thinking you would ruin my life, his life. But I was wrong, you would have been a blessing to both of us and together or not we would have loved you to the moon and back. You would never have went unprotected in your life. You would have had 4 older brothers to watch out for you. They would have loved you also, held you rocked you watched you take your first steps or say your first words. I wish I would have taken longer to make my decision. I was so scared though. I know my parents would have been angry with me if I had you, but eventually they would have came around. You also would have had a second cousin close in age to play with. Tucker who my niece who is braver than I had. She didn’t have a supportive partner or the means to have a baby but she had him anyway. I wish I would have talked to her before I did the unspeakable. Because it has killed me ever since the day I did it. I know your Dad is hurting too we are still friends and will forever be bonded by you. I believe in reincarnation and I know your soul will come back and you will be born to a couple who loves you and wants you and would never even think of doing what we did. Please forgive us Alexandria. Your brothers do not know and had no say in the decision we made, please look out for them. I love you with all my heart and will probably ask for your forgiveness forever. ❤️