To my dear baby,

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Leo
Birth Date: March 2018
Abortion Date: 6 July 2017

To my dear baby Leo,

Today was another hard day without you. I miss you so much. More than I am capable of putting into words. Please always remember mummy loved you so much, and I still do. I loved you before I even knew you were there. I am so sorry things had to be like this, I really wanted to keep you.

Everyday my heart breaks for you – there is not a day that goes by where I’m not beside myself with regret. I always wonder: who would you have been? what would you have looked like? It eats me inside that I will never get to see you laugh, watch you blow out your candles on your birthday cakes, or walk you into school on your first day. You deserved all of that – you deserved life. And I had no right to take that from you.

I know one day we will see each other again, and when we do, it will be better than anything. I will hold you so close and finally be the mother you deserved. Please forgive me baby, I am forever inextricably tainted with remorse.

I will carry you in my heart, until I can carry you in my arms.

With the truest and deepest of love,
Your mother.