To My sweet Magnolia

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Magnolia Theresa
Birth Date: December 2023

To my dear sweet Magnolia,
I never thought I wanted children, that was until the moment I found out about you. The love I feel for someone I’d never meet overwhelms me beyond belief. I wish so badly to be your mommy, to be able to take you to the beach and paint your toes, to show you how to be a kind and empathetic person to others, but unfortunately mommy and daddy aren’t quite ready for you. Bringing you into this world requires more than just love- and that’s all we can give you right now. I wish more than anything to have your little fingers wrapped around my thumb, to watch you grow into an amazing woman- but I cannot give you what you need. I hope one day our souls reunite, but until then I will live my life in honor of you; To be the woman I wish I was now. This gut wrenching pain hasn’t stopped since I’ve had to make this decision, it’s like my heart is ripped from my chest, leaving a hole in its place. I hope to meet you one day. I love you forever and always- love forever, your mommy 🖤🦋