To my two siblings, that never met. I love u both dearly!

Author: Mary
Baby Name: Little Joe

I never got to meet you. U were conceived before me. In 1974 , I believe. Our mom was 18. She was confused and listened to family who convinced our mom to abort you. They even paid for the procedure. I saw and heard the pain in our mom’s face , explaining why she went through with it. I’m so sorry and think of you often. I love you and miss you and wish I could have an older brother or sister to talk to! U would be 41, I believe. From the bottom of my soul I am sorry she made this choice and didn’t choose life for you! Someday I will meet you in Heaven with JESUS and I will hold you and kiss you and tell you how much I love and missed you from your little sister!
This is to my sibling from 1998, I knew about you . My first son was 9 months old . We talked about raising you together and you playing with my son. Our mom called you Little Joe. She thought you were a boy. I tried everything to convince her to keep you. I thought our mom had made up her mind and was keeping you. Our mom came home with tears on her face . I didn’t even have to ask, I knew u were gone. I could feel it. I was crushed! You would be 16 now. I think of you a lot! I miss you daily. I have had 6 children. I wish you could be here with us. I have forgiven our mom. I only hope for the day in Heaven I can hug and kiss you ! To tell you how much I wanted you! Until that day, know how much you are missed by your big sister! I’m so sorry! Someday we can all be together!