Too precious for earth

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: August 2017
Abortion Date: Dec 2016

To my little one. I believe you were a girl. I have never forgot you. What a terrible mess. Please don’t hate us both. If things were so different I could of kept you. I feel I didn’t give you a chance. The guilt is awful especially when I look at my other children. Believe me you’d of been loved by all. I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart … I genuinely wanted you .. you know this already … circumstances were in the way. I should of been stronger but I never had the strength. Me and your dad shouldn’t still be together but for whatever reason we have stuck by each other. Don’t hate him it wasn’t his fault and he’s a good man. I carried you for 2 months nearly … them 2 months were so precious I’ll never forget you … I have given you a name and it’s a pretty name. I know you would love it. I know your looked after in heaven with your grandparents and your big brother … I’ll see you one day baby girl … love you.