Victim of the morning after pill?

Author: Anonymous

My sister was date-raped before she met her husband. Our mother took her to get the morning after pill, “just in case.” I found out about it quite a while later, and my mother told me about it. My sister has since married and had three children, though she wanted four since we grew up with four siblings. Each child was born by c-section, and her doctor has told her it’s not safe for her to have any more. She still experiences depression and anxiety every year around the time of year that it happened, and I’ve never had the opportunity to ask her if it is mainly from the trauma of rape or from probably killing her first child, or both. I have learned that there is a possibility that she would not have conceived from that rape, but if both she and mom were fearing it, then she probably did. I grieve that my sister had the morning after pill available to her and that she was so encouraged to get it. The choice to kill is never a good choice, and my sister will be forever scarred by that hasty decision.