What could have been

Author: Anonymous

Hi baby.
I never knew you. But I wish I could have. I wish I did. There were so many reasons for what I did. I was in no state to raise you. And your father was in no state to be that, a father. It’s been three years. It hasn’t gotten any easier. And to be honest, if I could go back in time, I would probably make a very different decision. Because the way I feel now is unbearable. They told me about their process. They cremate the aborted babies in a nearby cemetery. I often go there and just stand. And think. And feel. And remember. I think about you. And what could have been. You’d be nearly two years old now. But I was so young, only 17. And I know that I couldn’t have given you a very comfortable life. But I can say this. You would have been loved. There would have been so much love for you. I do love you. And I always will. And I will never forget you. Ever. Please be at peace. And please forgive me.