I will see you one day, you are my first.

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: baron
Birth Date: march 28/2014
Abortion Date: sept.6/2103

I think of you when i wake up, i think of you at work, my love for you is incredible and the pain i feel for not protecting you and not being strong enough to keep you is so extreme, im sorry with everything that is within me. I didnt listen to God or my heart. I want to hold you, take care of you and love you, protect you like a mother should. I feel as though i failed before i started. you are my baby baron, and i will see you in heaven one day and take care of you like i should have. I wonder what you would look like, if you were a girl or boy and how you would of changed my life for the better always the better. I will see you face to face, God is taking care of you, I love you from the bottom of my heart baby baron xo