You’ll always be mine….

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: October 2006
Abortion Date: March 2006

I was young. I had plans, ambitions, and goals. I had just met him. This wasn’t actually happening is all I could think to myself. I can make this go away…. Why couldn’t I look?! Was I ashamed? Was I embarrassed? No, I was scared. I was scared of what I’d feel. I was scared he’d run and I’d be on my own like my older sister raising her kids.

I was scared I couldn’t do it, be good enough, love enough! Had I just looked at the screen my heart would have melted from cold hard stone to boiling love. Nothing else running through my head would have mattered. It never goes away. You will always be here. I wish you could actually be here to hug, to kiss, to hear your voice, your laugh, see your eyes, your smile. You will only be a memory.

I am left wondering everything about you when one simple choice could have changed that all. I will always love you. I will make sure your brother Jonah and any other siblings you have will also know about you and love you. I hope you have seen your twin siblings up there and given them hugs for me. I love you.