Young and unprepared

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Angel
Birth Date: July 1995
Abortion Date: January 1995

I was 14 years old and felt like such a failure. I made a choice to sleep with boys. I wasn’t popular in school and had lots of bullies. My dad was a alcoholic and we didn’t have a close relationship. He never really warned me. He didn’t protect me from me. My mom was naive and believed every word I said. I was young and dumb. I got pregnant by a family friend. I had no idea you where a living being. I didn’t get it. My young mind didn’t understand. I’m sorry my little angel. I gave you back to God. You where a gift and I turned you away. I have cried over you for 21 years. I have asked God to forgive me and I know he has but I still hurt. You have 3 brothers and a sister now. I have often wondered if you look like them. Baby please understand momma loves you just as much. My mamaw knows you now. I bet her and Jesus are holding you tight. I know I’ll see you again someday. Until then please forgive me and know if I had the wisdom I do now you would be here with me. I stand against abortion firmly now and I have tried to stop a dear friend from making the same mistake but just like me she will live with the pain now.