too young

Author: Kerri

It was 1983, I was 16 and Planned Parenthood had a bill board on every corner. My boyfriend was abusive and I tried to get away but he told me he would go after my family if I left. I believed him. My Mom hated him, I thought she hated me too… Planned Parenthood made it all look so easy and ‘normal ‘. I didn’t think I had a choice. Where would we go? What would we do? He told me I was worthless, no would ever want me… They did the procedure in the hospital, I was unconscious. I thank God everyday for that… I did finally get away and a few years later I ended up pregnant, again. Folks, they say the pill is not 100% for a reason. I was older and completely selfish. I had started a career in the military and was going places. This time? Through Gods grace, He found an amazing family that wanted a baby. Gods hand was in this from start ’till… Well, He still is! That baby now has two of his own! When I finally grew up, married and we had children, I spared nothing. I wanted our children, and their friends, to know that no matter what, they were loved and accepted. I wanted them to know that everything happens for a reason and maybe mine was to share my story and maybe, just maybe, save a life. I have been able to show people that those who have been backed into a corner are not monsters, we are desperate, we come from all socio-economic groups, we could be your child.