You’ve already taught me…

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: December 2018
Abortion Date: 4/13/2018

I know that children are supposed to learn from their parents, but in your short six weeks of life and in the less than one week I knew you were with me I learned from you. You see all my life as many successes as I achieved, I’ve never lived truthfully. I’ve led multiple relationships through overlaps and lies …. broken hearts everywhere. You my sweet baby, are both latest and the last victim. My commitment to your memory is to live authentically with respect to all life. I’ve lied so much I can’t remember anymore. The support system I have in my life right now is the best ever had …. I need to be the best for them. I need to be the best for you, so as you’re looking down on me this morning your mom can be someone who makes you proud and that you can’t wait to meet, if you allow me. Good night, sweet boy.