What is the Abortion Memorial?

This is a safe place for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other family members to remember children who were lost to abortion. Share your story, thoughts, and prayers in words, pictures, or video. Abortion Memorial is a place to honor children lost in the womb, and provides a place for healing and encouragement.

If you are a visitor to the site, take a moment to read through the memorials and stories, and pray for the families impacted by abortion.

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I Am A 2X Forgotten Father And Its...

Its been yet another rough year for me and all that is left is to bare my soul and hope that somewhere in this is a silver lining, the dawn of a new day. I’m just getting older, quickly surpassing 40, and life is slipping by at an exponential rate Due to being typically a(…)

to the child i never knew

Sorry i believed the lies of those at planned parenthood. I live with the pain of your loss daily,the only comfort i have is that someday i will see you again. Forgive me, Dad

To my two children in Heaven I nev...

To my children in Heaven, Hello my children, it’s Daddy. I’m so sorry for what I have done over 20 years ago to both of you. I hope that the two of you could forgive us for what me and your mom Daisy did to you two. We were young and didn’t really have a(…)

Jan 2015 would have been 30

This coming January 2015, she would have been 30. I believe she would have been a girl. I think of her often. Especially in January. I wonder what she would have looked liked. Who would she have married. Would she have been a daddy’s girl? I never got to hold her but I will see(…)

forced by parents and aunt and unc...

The Summer of 2014 of June 27 on a Friday. The Mother of my Little Angel! She was 2 Months she had made a Appointment To PPH to have a have Abortion. during that time I try to Stop Her but she in no mood to think! It was planned to have it but I(…)

Never named

I didn’t know. One day, a woman walks up to you, and tells you, ‘I had an abortion.’ She doesn’t say, ‘I’m pregnant, what now?’ she didn’t even give me or our child a chance. She just said, “I had an abortion.” .. I couldn’t protect my children. I didn’t know I had to protect(…)


I was an unsaved college student engaged in a physical relationship with my girlfriend. Irresponsibly, I got her pregnant. This was in the Fall of 1978. There seemed to be no alternative – at least we didn’t consider any. So the abortion proceeded, and since, especially after I was Saved I have the most profound(…)

A Letter To My Son

Dear Andrew Thomas, I have been waiting for this day for over 30 years,please forgive me for my abandonment of you.But more importantly the murder and pain I caused in your death.I am deeply sorry.Please forgive your mother also,she was a beautiful women and I did love her.I was not a good husband.The abuse in(…)

To My Perfect Child

To my perfect child, whom your mother and I aborted during our college years: Your mother and I were in love. Then she became pregnant. We were worried about our future, and we decided to get an abortion. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. We told ourselves every excuse in(…)

To my beloved child I have been mi...

With one child already…you were inconvenient. Can you believe I was so stupid those 40 plus years ago? The biggest mistake of my life. After having 2 more sons who are now grown, I can only imagine how much joy you would have brought to the world and to your 3 brothers who never knew(…)

To the unknown child

To the two children I suspect I had but am unsure of. I hope you can forgive me for not waiting until marriage to have sex, and not having sexual partners who valued life. i am sorry and I hope I will see you in heaven.

I miss you baby Parker

Your mom and I met in our sophmore year in high school. We started dating in November and we loved each other so much that nothing could split us apart. You were made a couple of days after my birthday. Your mom and I sorta knew right then that there was a good chance you(…)

To my precious child

I want you to know that I am so sorry for what I allowed to have done to you. I was suppose to protect you and keep you safe. But my selfishness and weakness overcame me. I am and will always forever be with you my love. God is so good to forgive me and(…)

Our first child

My ex-wife and I were dating when we found out she was pregnant. We were both in college and thought that it would be difficult for us to finish up with a child. We decided that she should have an abortion. That was 33 years ago. We ended up having three children who are everything(…)

Victim of Lost Fatherhood…&#...

Many years ago, over a glass of wine, and sitting on my sofa having a conversation with a former girlfriend, whom I kept in touch with, I was told the following statement, entirely out-of-the-blue: “We would have had a beautiful baby” To which I replied, “Huh??” She continued, (a bit tipsy): “I was pregnant, and(…)

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